Waterfront Area of Last Layout

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Alaska Packers Association

At one time, this little shack served as an important part of Alaska Packers Association. Today, local fishermen use the building for minor repairs for their boats
and fishing equipment. Harsh winters and fierce summer storms have done their best to destroy this old structure. But the local fishermen have done their best to
repair the little place with whatever materials they could find laying around or were able to appropriate from other questionable sources

This little structure is built in 1/4 inch scale. The fishing shack was framed up like a real building would have been built and individual boards applied. Siding and roof materials were "weathered" in order to look old and weather-beaten. A variety of materials were used throughout contruction to give the impression of a building which had been repaired with a wide variety of materials over a long period of time.

The building won 2nd place in the "Model Structures" category at the 22nd National Narrow Gauge Convention in Warwick, Rhode Island, in September of 2002.