Old Layout In Living Room photos

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This page shows my old layout which was under construction from about 2003 through 2008.  We moved to a new home in early 2009 so this layout was abandoned.

 The following comments were posted during construction. 

I've had layouts in the garage, in spare bedrooms, and outside in the train shed.  But my newest layout is in our living room.  My lovely bride of 36 years, Patsy, loves this arrangement----and so do I.

The layout has all the basic scenery in place.  Now comes the fun part of adding structures and detailing scenes.

This photo shows the left hand side of the room. The paneling has sliding doors that allow access to the bookshelves under the layout.

This new layout is 20 inches deep and runs along three walls.  This side is 12 feet long, the center wall is 16 feet, and the right hand wall is 12 feet long.

The center of the room. Lots of room for a TV and stereo equipment under the layout.

The layout is suspended from the walls using ordinary shelf brackets and standards.  The base of the layout is a sandwich of a 2 inch sheet of blue foam and a 1 inch piece of blue foam.  I have used this arrangement on 2 previous layouts and have found it to work very well.

Those of you who have purchased my Easy Backdrop Painting-Mountains and Valleys will recognize the mountains in this view.

The right hand side of the room.

I originally was going to build a large city scene here, but this area has now become a mining area---with a tunnel (another feature my grandson feels is important).